Hello and welcome to the Dodge County Humane Society website! Our website serves to give you a glimpse into what goes on at our shelter. You will find the different cats and dogs we have available for adoption, a look into what we have for volunteer opportunities and our interaction with the city of Fremont and surrounding communities. We invite you to take a look around and also stop in and receive a tour of our building. One thing our animals love more than treats? Meeting new people!

No organization can be complete without some mascots! These 2 are some of the first, furry faces you see when you visit our shelter. Squirrel is 2 years old while Joe is 8 years old. We take them on field trips to schools, nursing homes and fundraising events. They are the faces of our shelter and their good spirits bring joy to our staff, volunteers and the community.

Not all animals can agree on the same things, but these 2 best friends all love...



      Treats (Especially Joe)