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Available Dogs

Meet Judy! Judy is a 6-year-old Pitbull/Rottweiler mix who loves to act tough on the outside but after some time, trust, and lots of treats, her soft side can't help but to come out! Miss Judy will take more than the minimum 3 visits prior to adoption (She just needs a little extra time to come around). She is both leash and potty trained! Judy is very particular about her friends and George has been the only one to steal her heart - meaning she would thrive in a single animal home! 



Say hello to Bolt! One of our bigger boys weighing in at 75 pounds, he is a 6-year-old Labrador mix. Bolt loves to show off how "tough" he is and would like to meet his future family multiple times before he shows how sweet he can be. He would thrive best in a home with a big backyard or on a farm so he could spend all day running around and exploring. Bonus points if his new family can keep up with his high energy! When it comes to walking, he pulls slightly at first and when he needs to chase a squirrel, but other than that he does a great job of staying next to his walker. We're still working on potty training, but he has had fewer accidents recently. Bolt used to have 3 male friends he loved to play with, but since they've been adopted, he's been pretty particular on who he would like to hangout with. We predict a calmer male dog, similar or slightly smaller than his size would be the perfect match for him. As for cats - he is not their biggest fan!



Here comes Abe! He is a 3-year-old shepherd mix. Abe is on the shy side and would need multiple visits before coming out of his shell. He would love a calm home as lots of noises and overstimulation can stress him out. However, playing outside is his favorite activity! Abe is very curious about other dogs and is working on extending his friend circle outside his girlfriend, Nala. He loves to watch dogs play and would do great in a dog family where he could be the referee while others wrestle. We are still working on walking next to us on a leash along with potty training. Kids are still unfamiliar to him and would love a calm home with a routine. 





Make room for Houdini! Our biggest boy we have at the shelter - he's just over 100 pounds! He is a 5-year-old retriever/husky/pitbull mix - just a little of everything! Don't let his size fool you, Houdini is our biggest baby and won't let you forget it! Houdini not only loves attention, but being outside is his FAVORITE! Especially during the winter - laying and rolling around in a big pile of snow? Houdini can't think of anything better! His "stubborn husky" side loves to come out when he's told it's time to come inside when he's not ready. (He's not afraid to give you a nice "Nooo" howl just to remind you he's not ready to come inside). He loves meeting new people, especially if you'll take him for a nice long run! Houdini is potty trained and walks well on a leash (When he decides too of course). Houdini has so much energy, he would love for all your focus to be on him and him only, meaning a single dog home would suit him best!

Make room for Kratos! He is our year-old shepherd mix weighing at almost 75 pounds! Once he warms up, his puppy side starts to come out! He may take a few visits before his energetic side comes out, but once he does, you better be ready for lots of play time! Kratos loves to run around outside and explore everything around him. Not only is he looking for a family, but he would love a family with fur-siblings! He loves playing with Christopher but is always excited to make new friends - even if it includes making friends with cats! Cats may not like his high energy, but he loves getting to see how close he can get to giving one a nice sniff. We are working on potty training, but he has been doing great at his leash training! 





Meet Nala! She is a year-old German Shepherd mix weighing at about 65 pounds. Nala would prefer meeting her new family more than just 3 times before going home with them. She can be shy and protective of those people she gets to see every day. However, once she warms up, you better be ready for lots of hugs! Right now, Nala enjoys spending her time with her boyfriend, Abe, but could be open to making other friends with the proper introduction. We predict she would do best with male dogs and even cats! She is working on her potty training, but she walks well on a leash after she gives you a couple of hugs first of course! Nala is a very loyal dog and would prefer a family who could keep up with her high energy. 

Meet Grizzly! He is a 4-year-old shepherd mix who is on the bigger side of almost 70 pounds. Grizzly is very high energy and would need a family who doesn't mind bear hugs and running around outside. Since he has such a high energy level, we are still working on his leash manners, but he has improved greatly since first being with us. Grizzly is also working on his potty training but is doing well! He's made friends with Hunter but needs some extra time to fully know if he wants to be their friend or not. Grizzly would love a home with a big yard and can't wait to meet his family! 



rocko 1_edited.jpg


Here comes Rocko! You may get him confused with the famous "Rocky" based on his activity level! He is a year-old Pitbull mix who has two energy levels - high and even higher! He will need an active family who loves playing outside! If you can throw a tennis ball a minimum of 100 times a day, you're his perfect match! Rocko loves attention and being left to play by himself is not on his list of favorite things, he tends to wait by the gate until you come play with him! But come on, how can you say no to that face? He is working on his potty training and leash manners, but he is making great progress! Rocky has yet to find a friend that can keep up with him but we predict he would do best with another male dog who is about his size. While still working on his dog friend group, people of all ages are no issue with Rocko! 

Say hi to Christopher! He is a year-old retriever mix weighing at about 60 pounds. Christopher is a very sweet and relaxed boy. He has the mindset of, "I'm just happy to be here!" Whether he's walking next to you outside, playing with his friend Kratos, watching other dogs play, relaxing on his bed, whatever he does, Christopher is always happy and is always smiling! He is coming along great in his potty training and would thrive in a home with a routine, so he doesn't get too confused. He wouldn't mind a fur-sibling whether it be a cat or dog, just as long as they aren't too high energy for him. Christopher also loves meeting new people of all ages, especially if you give him some ear scratches!





Here comes Hunter! He is a 3-year-old shepherd mix that weighs about 65 pounds. Hunter is very energetic and playful boy and would love a family that will help him burn out his energy! He loves being outside and smelling anything and everything that he can find. As far as friends go - he does have one male friend, Grizzly, and we are working on finding him more. Hunter has a big personality and likes to be in charge so he would need a friend who wouldn't mind letting him lead the way. He would also prefer being in a home with no cats! Hunter may need to be in charge with other dogs, but he loves people of all ages! We are working on potty training and leash manners, but he has been making great progress!

Who is ready to kick it with Koda!? He may be on the smaller husky side, just weighing about 60 pounds, but believe us when we say he makes up for it with his BIG personality! He is a little over a year and is looking for a family who can keep up with the puppy energy he still has! Koda loves to go for long walks and run around outside. He's still looking for some playmates but would do best with dogs his size, he is still unsure of dogs that are much smaller than him. Koda loves everyone he meets, even kids! He does great at waiting to go to the bathroom and only has a small accident every once in a while. Koda is also working on his leash manners but has been adjusting nicely! 





Say hello to Lincoln! He is a 4-year-old shepherd mix who weighs about 60 pounds. Lincoln is on the calmer side but still loves to enjoy his time playing outside. However, when it's time to come inside, he does love himself a nice nap! We are working on improving his potty and leash training, but we predict he will adjust quickly once in a home. He plays great with his friend, Teddy, and would more than likely do best in a home with other male dogs. He is not to familiar with cats, but has been willing to explore them. He does great with new people and kids of all ages, making him the perfect addition to any family! 

Here's Tulip, our 3-year-old shepherd mix! Have you ever raised a teenager? Well our Tulip is in her teenager era. Time to go in the car? Tulip will need you to lift her up. Time to go inside? Sorry Tulip didn't hear you. Feeling like she's giving you the "side-eye"? She probably is. (She's actually judging the person who took her photo because they interrupted her digging) But just like all teenagers, Tulip has a sweet side and loves herself a nice belly rub and some extra kisses. (Just don't tell her friends otherwise you'll embarrass her) Tulip walks great on a leash and doesn't mind other dogs at all! She would thrive in a home with other dogs and kids that she can play with! 





Here comes shepherd mix, Mr. Teddy! He is just 2 years year and weighs almost 65 pounds. He is very high energy and is looking for a family who can keep up with him! He loves to play outside and play with his water and food bowls! If you hear Teddy barking in a room by himself, odds are, he flipped his bowl over and he believes barking at it will help flip it back over. As far as dog friends, Teddy and Lincoln play great together and we predict Teddy would do great with other male dogs. He is still unfamiliar with cats but is very curious about them. Teddy is working on his leash and potty training skills but is learning quickly! 

Here's Willy! On the bigger side of 65 pounds, he is a 3-year-old shepherd mix and looking for his perfect family! Willy is high energy and is also in his " onery teenager era". If dogs could talk, his response to "Willy you know you can't do that" would be, "I know, want to watch me do it again?". Willy knows where the line is and likes to come as close to is as possible. But how can you get mad when he comes back to give you lots of kisses? Willy would thrive in an active home who could help him burn off his energy before winding down for the night. He's working on both potty and leash training, but has made great improvement since being with us. Willy had 2 male friends, but he sometimes forgets not all dogs enjoy wrestling, so he would need dogs that could keep up with his horseplay. He would need some extra time to warm up to new people, but once he does, get ready for Silly Willy!





Say hi to big boy, Bruno! He's 70 pounds full of LOVE! Bruno is 4-years-old, a shepherd mix, and is as sweet as can be! He loves going for walks and making sure that you are right behind him, he likes to come rub up against you just to be sure you're still there. Since he likes to check up on you, he walks great on a leash. He would fit perfectly in a home with kids of any age, however, he would prefer to be the only dog - how could you give your love and affection to any other dog besides him?! Bruno couldn't think of anything worse! Since he loves being outside, this big boy would need a big yard to match! 

Meet Orange! She is a shepherd mix and is about 2 years old. Orange LOVES being outside. Whether it's running around the yard, finding something to explore, or playing with the puppies, if it involves being outside in the sun, count her in! Orange walks great on a leash and loves getting attention from people of all ages (Hugs are her favorite)! She loves going for walks and would love a family who ends their night with a nice sunset walk. She doesn't mind other dogs, so long as they don't mind running up and down the fence!



Who has puppy fever!?

Here at DCHS we have TWELVE Shepherd-mix puppies who are eagerly waiting to make the perfect addition to your family. These puppies are growing into their own personalities very quickly! They all love playing outside and love attention even more! We have begun leash training and started to get them on a potty training schedule. These puppies are ready to explore your home and win over your hearts!


Spot - Male - 7 months


Francis - Male - 4 months


Tiny - Male - 7 months


Frenchy - Female - 7 months

Rachel - Female - 4 months

Phoebe - Female - 4 months

Chandler - Female - 4 months

Cera - Female - 4 months

Chunk - Male - 4 months

IMG_0664 2.JPG

Mikey - Male - 4 months

IMG_3029 2.JPG

Spike - Male - 4 months

Milo - Male - 7 months

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